Sexual stories

Sexual stories

I love coming to the village to her grandmother in the first place, because there I become a completely different person. A change of scenery, environment I do not know. But something is changing. And as always, in the beginning of June, when the sun warms nice, and when you can wear very short skirts, I came to a small village Novozuevo. Granny immensely happy to see me, and immediately began to ask how I was doing.
Days passed, and I knew that something must be done, and that so all vacation coming to the end.One time I went for a walk to the river on a motorcycle overtook me some young men with a naked torso, perhaps he, too, went swimming. I was hoping that he would offer me a ride but he did not even stop near me. I was very angry .A next day I saw him again, he turned to my neighbor, his name was Anton and I liked it even more. We agreed to meet in the woods and walk there after heat When I arrived, he was already in place and waited in the shade, leaning against a tree trunk. Come on, He took my hand and led to almost imperceptible path. On the trail of the unknown practically anyone and nobody goes there. We have moved far enough, he suddenly turned around and said Take off your clothes. Is There? Yes I Do!

Look, I pulled the shirt and took off her bra. Completely? Of course!
-I Took off the rest and went forward. He picked up and moved my close followed. Do not be afraid, do not look back, go forward, I heard, and followed by the rustling of the bushes behind him. -I Sharply looked back and saw that he was gone. Go ahead! I heard from afar.
Alone in the woods, naked, wearing light sandals. Shame has been touched up a drop of fear, but a little trample indecision I still went forward along the path.
Open space appeared among trees.Ya carefully peered around the trunk. Nice sunny place, in the center of spreading oak tree grows, and under the tree to spread out the blanket I saw him. Naked, reclining he looked at me and I felt like the bottom of my rising excitement. Do not worry, there never anyone there. Come Out. I went a little embarrassed by the bright sun and went to him. Sit down!
I sat down on my knees on the edge of the curtain and took the offered them a glass of wine. You're on the road listening to the forest? He asked, looking at me from the bottom up.
I shook my head. It Is A Pity!
But I sat and watched mesmerized at how under my gaze rises from lace black hair of his cock. Bending down to it, I grabbed it with his lips and began to move slowly. You're not listening to me he said, Do not hurry.
With these words, he slowly pulled away from me and put it on the back. Legs apart, he pressed his lips to my pussy. Listen to the forest. He said.

I tried to listen to the rustle of wind in the branches of an oak over your heads, birds singing, and after a while, I felt great in the sounds of the forest are intertwined movement of his tongue and hands joined them. I absorb odors, saw green foliage, seen reflected in his eyes. Noises of the forest became rhythmic, with a change poses little I came to myself, but then immediately plunged into the maelstrom of bliss, painted greenish tones on the background of the bird trills and wind noise. I caved in, pressed against the wrinkled and rough trunk, and he moved slowly so you do not scratch the I stand on his haunches and look at the trees surrounding the clearing I'm on top, and the wind develops my loose hair and tickles their strained my nipples.
And, finally, came the long-awaited moment when all was quiet around me and I, for the last time rocking on it, felt a sharp reduction in the bottom itself.
Caved in, I spread her arms towards the sky, towards the sun and a little sun exploded inside me, holding out his trembling rays in all corners of my body.

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